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Authored by Michele Locati <michele@locati.it> on May 16 2019, 4:06 AM.
This commit has been deleted in the repository: it is no longer reachable from any branch, tag, or ref.
GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rC86ef3e39180b: Merge 42a07ce98c4ad4e2927cb25f84a843375b339b56 into… (authored by Michele Locati <michele@locati.it>).May 16 2019, 4:06 AM

Merged Changes

42a07ce98c4aMichele Locati
Don't report all the trailing unchanged lines 
May 16
e36e12881baaMichele Locati
Fix coding style 
May 15
b4226ffe1718Michele Locati
Let c5:phpcs CLI command detect the webroot 
May 15
ec899665b303Michele Locati
Add the --webroot option to the `c5:phpcs` CLI command 
May 8
5746936e40e4Andrew Embler
Fixing merge conflicts in composer.lock and .travis.yml 
Apr 28
e1cc6f481eb7Michele Locati
Merge branch 'develop' into php-cs-fixer 
Dec 6 2018
6efc84244190Michele Locati
Address @a3020 issues 
Dec 6 2018
0ea880af2c42Michele Locati
Implement suggestions by scrutinizer 
Dec 4 2018
faa7c0051ccaMichele Locati
Move PHP coding style to coding_style.php config file 
Dec 4 2018
8e7ba348a64dMichele Locati
Merge branch 'develop' into php-cs-fixer 
Dec 4 2018
621576c1cdedMichele Locati
Separate invariant and variant fixers 
Dec 3 2018
b7b26763a95fMichele Locati
Add an option to turn off fixers cache usage 
Nov 28 2018
6c9f88d26540Michele Locati
Make the cache php-version specific 
Nov 28 2018
43caad221174Michele Locati
Don't hard-code the allowed file extensions 
Nov 28 2018
04dadffff10eMichele Locati
Remove useless "--" 
Nov 28 2018
0cb12c3f7c41Michele Locati
Fix return code of c5:phpcs "check" command 
Nov 27 2018
4f30cc0ec30aMichele Locati
Fix coding style of ServiceProviderTest 
Nov 27 2018
ad06e8c37e10Michele Locati
Update CONTRIBUTING.md: we now have to use the new c5:phpcs CLI command 
Nov 27 2018
c82eaa55da9dMichele Locati
Apply new php-cs-fixer rules 
Nov 27 2018
d17c5274b91aMichele Locati
Fix Command tests 
Nov 27 2018
dd64c3113d16Michele Locati
Fix broken composer.json 
Nov 27 2018
6fbf8a1d29daMichele Locati
Add CLI command to check/fix PHP coding style 
Nov 27 2018